Conservative Now Means Helping Billionaires And No One Else

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Sounds simple doesn’t it? The main thing the conservatives are fighting for is “smaller government”. They have all the mentally retarded ignorant hillbillies, you know, their base, railing against “big guvvmint”. Now here is the deal. The smaller the government is, the less effective it will be at stopping billionaires from raping OUR families, and polluting our planet for profit. Billionaires like the Koch Brothers need to poison us, kill us, and pollute our planet to make acceptable profit margins. They care nothing about our planet, our country, our children, or anything else besides raw power, and how big their bank account is. In order for them to make a few more billion this year, millions of Americans will have to suffer or die. That is the game, and every single “conservative” is helping the Kochs play it. If you call yourself a conservative, you might as well say you are an employee of Koch Industries, or Heritage, Freedom Works, or some other right wing rape the poor, and destroy the planet for billionaire profit organization. If you think any “conservative” politician gives a damn about your family you are insane. Oh by the way, wait till a category 7 hurricane wipes Florida off the map. Don’t think it can’t/won’t happen. It’s only a matter of time.

Obamacare Rocks And Republicans Can Only Lie About It

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Republicans are scared to death. So many people will get a better deal because of Obamacare, and many will save thousands on their health care, they are afraid Democrats will get credit for actually doing something good. You know, attempting to do something about the worst problem facing America long term (besides global warming). Even though a much smaller number of Americans will have to pay more, they will have better insurance, and in the long run still pay less. Take the story of conservative candidate Cornelius Kelly. He neglected to include his baby when he signed up for Obamacare, then called the press to claim he couldn’t get coverage for his baby. Even John Boehner complained about this lie. Man, these Republicans are simply reduced to lying about health insurance. Pity isn’t it….

Politico Calls Obamacare Sabotage Sabotage Too

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It isn’t just me…. Politico calls out Republican sabotage…

Republican Sabotage Working

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For three years, the Republicans have been working full time to sabotage The Affordable Care Act. Our nation’s “press” can only report on the problems from the roll out, and they rarely do any real journalism pointing out how many people are benefiting from the legislation already. I read an article on Democratic Underground that only 1 in 120 Americans will pay more for health insurance, and it seems like this fact is not being talked about by anyone but Ed Schultz. Now I see headline after headline about how our president’s approval numbers are falling. The Republican sabotage campaign is working, and we can blame the press for it. I wish someone would do a study on how many comments about Obamacare in the press are negative, compared to how many are positive.

Why Some Health Care Policies Cost More

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This is a great article from the Huffington Post on Why Some Health Care Policies Cost More¬† And Some Policies Are Being Cancelled… There is no legislation where everyone is a winner. The point of any good law is to help the most people while harming the fewest. In the case with Obamacare this is exactly what is going on. Some people are losing bad, and sometimes good health care plans, but millions are getting covered for the first time, or are saving tons of money. My friend is going to save $7,000 a year for instance. I saw the numbers. It’s no lie. I bet Fox News isn’t gonna invite him….

1,046,000 Texans Won’t Get Free / Affordable Health Care – Thanks Governor Perry

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That’s right. If Ricky the dirtbag worked with the the feds, they could have set up a system to enroll Texans like the one in Oregon, California, Washington and other places to get free, or low cost health insurance to millions of hard working Texans. But noooooooo. Weall in Texxas duddunt wunt no fedderul nuthin for no Texans (spit). Thousands of Texans will die in the retarded right’s fight against Obamacare. Start digging the graves. If you are poor, and living in Texas you might as well be on death row according to the Republicans.

Dear Patty Murray

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So Patty,¬† you are “negotiating” with Paul Ryan are you? Here is your new message. If the wealthy paid taxes at the rate of the middle class, and corporations weren’t allowed to stash their profits overseas, we wouldn’t have a deficit. There is no need to screw the elderly, and the poor so the “haves, and have mores” get to keep an ever greater share of America’s treasure, while millions suffer more every day. In times before Reagan the wealthy paid a top tax rate of 74%, and now people like Mitt Romney pay 13.9%. No wait, I forgot. Mitt said he could have paid less if he took all of his deductions. I pay more than 13.9% as a small business owner in just Social Security and Medicare, since I pay both sides. That is before we even get to income taxes. I don’t blame the teabaggers for being angry about taxes. They are just too stupid to understand who is screwing them. It isn’t the government, it is the wealthy who own the government.


The Best Ted Cruz Blog Post Ever!

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From bayside on Raw Story: “Keep up the hate Cruz and soon republicans will be small enough to drown in a bathtub.” From Raw StoryArticle “Cruz lashes out at Senate GOP over shutdown failure”….. Personally I don’t thing “approval” for Republicans will rise much from here for a long time. The emperor has no clothes, and you would have to be blind to think Republicans care for “regular Americans”. It is all about The GOP trying to hold onto power at any cost, and trying to impress their brainwashed “base” with endless political theater. The Republicans sure aren’t impressing the billionaires that used to pay for their campaigns now, and that could mean the end. Another great post from Ron1127 “Ted, can we have back that $24 Billion your shutdown cost us? Oh wait, I get it, now we have to cut Social Security to pay for it!” Same thread.

So The Tea Party Is Racist – Duh

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Why is it that only Congressman Alan Grayson is pointing out this simple fact? Grayson Stands Behind Statement… I am sure there is one or two Teabaggers that aren’t racist to the core. At least I am pretty sure. I am sure they hate President Obama simply because he is a Socialist, Kenyan, Muslim liberal traitor. Right? Everyone is so upset because he spoke of Nazis, The Klan, Slavery, or something else forbidden from political discussion. Cry me a river complainers. If every single Democrat in congress were a little more like Grayson, there wouldn’t be any Republican Party. By the way. The T in Tea Party means traitor.

Just Say It – Republicans Serve Satan

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There is not one single thing the Republican Party stands for, or works to accomplish that Jesus Christ would approve of. Not one single thing. Nada. Zip. What Jesus taught was pretty simple. Take care of the poor. Feed the hungry. Heal the sick. You got it. Today’s Republicans work overtime to do exactly the opposite of every one of the things listed above. The Republicans only do one thing. They do all they can to beat down the poor, and working Americans so they will work for less so the corporations and the billionaires who pay for their campaigns can profit more. Now where is the Democrat to tell it like it is? Republicans serve Satan, and Republicans need to stop calling themselves Christians. Republicans oppose everything Christ taught. Anyone with half a brain could understand this.