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Obamacare Rocks And Republicans Can Only Lie About It

Posted on the December 5th, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

Republicans are scared to death. So many people will get a better deal because of Obamacare, and many will save thousands on their health care, they are afraid Democrats will get credit for actually doing something good. You know, attempting to do something about the worst problem facing America long term (besides global warming). Even though a much smaller number of Americans will have to pay more, they will have better insurance, and in the long run still pay less. Take the story of conservative candidate Cornelius Kelly. He neglected to include his baby when he signed up for Obamacare, then called the press to claim he couldn’t get coverage for his baby. Even John Boehner complained about this lie. Man, these Republicans are simply reduced to lying about health insurance. Pity isn’t it….

Republican Sabotage Working

Posted on the November 18th, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

For three years, the Republicans have been working full time to sabotage The Affordable Care Act. Our nation’s “press” can only report on the problems from the roll out, and they rarely do any real journalism pointing out how many people are benefiting from the legislation already. I read an article on Democratic Underground that only 1 in 120 Americans will pay more for health insurance, and it seems like this fact is not being talked about by anyone but Ed Schultz. Now I see headline after headline about how our president’s approval numbers are falling. The Republican sabotage campaign is working, and we can blame the press for it. I wish someone would do a study on how many comments about Obamacare in the press are negative, compared to how many are positive.

Air Conditioning – The Ugly Side Of Welfare

Posted on the October 10th, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

The Jerk

Elizabeth Hasselbeck thinks folks who receive assistance don’t deserve air conditioning or cell phones. Having these luxury items puts you on “the ugly side of entitlements”. I am sure she is right. Let’s say you live in Las Vegas, and it is 109 degrees outside, and you live in a house with no insulation. Since you weren’t born filthy rich, or married a quarterback, and can’t find a living wage job, you can’t have an air conditioner. That’s just how it goes. Fry mother fucker! So tell me something Liz. If America didn’t close 60,000 factories and move all those jobs to China, how many of those people would still be on welfare? When is the last time you applied for 1,000 jobs and were denied? Thank god you live in a Fox News bubble Liz. Elizabeth Hasselbeck Being A Jerk Link…

Republicans Love Being Wrong

Posted on the October 6th, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

With a head full of Fox News Lies, and Limbaugh drool, them Republicans got themselves some opinions. They don’t care if they are wrong about pretty much everything. They just keep babbling things like Benghazi, and takers, and other nutcase crap. If I had a dollar for every line mouthed on Fox News, I would be richer than the Koch brothers.

Fuck You Bill O’Riley

Posted on the March 6th, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

Hey Bill, suck my dick. Cut spending, cut spending, cut spending is all you rich bastards say. To hell with the poor, the elderly, and the struggling. Just cut services. Let them starve, or die from working themselves to death for an ever smaller paycheck.

Billo spewed “It’s almost like President Obama is sabotaging the country so he can reshape it”. Billo is blaming the president for not cutting spending. He is claiming President Obama is sabotaging our country by demanding billionaires who pay taxes at half the rate of middle class wage slaves start paying a little more and not surrendering to actual economic traitors. The Republicans. You know. The party that cut taxes twice, and started two unfunded wars at the same time, and then blame “entitlements” for our country’s problems and the deficit.

Billo you piece of human feces. The only problem America has related to our budget is the fact that corporations, and filthy rich bastards like you, and the oligarchs get all the gravy, tax cuts, loopholes, etc. Remember Romney’y 13.9% income tax rate? I pay more than that in just Social Security and Medicare, because I own my own business. The rest of us who work 2 or 3 jobs end up paying our nation’s bills while corporations are raping our families for record profits, and jot paying jack shit in taxes. Seen the Dow lately? See how little corporations actually pay in income tax? Makes me want to puke.

If there was any justice in this world, Billo would be eating from dumpsters, and people working for minimum wage would be able to afford to feed their children.

I am sick or Republican Traitors demanding over and over and over we cut spending, that is help for struggling Americans. When it comes to handouts for corporate pigs, and loopholes as big as the moon, not a peep. Tax havens? Never once mentioned on Fox as far as I can tell.

God I hate Republicans. And I hate Fox Lies even more.

Woodward Trying To Make Nice

Posted on the March 3rd, 2013 under Conservative Media Scum by

Bob Woodward will be remembered for two things. Watergate, and not reporting the identity of the Valerie Plame leakers before the 2004 election when he knew who they were. I am assuming “they” told Woodward who the leakers (traitors) were because they knew ‘ol Bob was a Bush supporter. Woodward would never tell the world who outed Valerie Plame, and destroyed Brewster Jennings and thus cost “W” the election. Bob kept his mouth shut! Just like a good Bush operative. Bob Woodward is a disgrace, and when the world found out he knew the identity of the leakers, outers, and traitors in the White House, he should have been banned from all media for life. For life. Bob, you are the opposite of a real reporter. Your “access” is more important than you just doing your job.

Fox News Is Pissed

Posted on the October 12th, 2012 under Conservative Media Scum by

All those propaganda artists at Fox are mad at Joe Biden for interrupting Lyin’ Ryan on national TV while he was telling his lies. Republicans are used to spewing their lies and never have anyone push back, or call them on their lies. The people that support and vote for Republicans, and who watch The Fox Propaganda Network live in bubbles. Bubbles where the truth is never spoken, or is drowned out by lies and nonsense, and endless red herrings, and more lies. I even watched Sean Hannity tell his viewers they found WMD’s in Iraq. Man. Now all they can do at Fox Propaganda is complain about Vice President Biden’s interrupting Lyin’ Ryan while he was lying. Poor Fox Traitors. Having someone call their poster boy out for lying. Must hurt eh? You know what. If the media actually did their job things in this country would be different. When a politician lies, the story is he is lying. What he says doesn’t mean anything. It is about honesty and integrity. Well, it should be.  There is no other story. They just don’t get it. If there was an honest media, Republicans would have to either serve non-billionaire Americans, or they would be gone. And if you work for Fox and read this, I want you to ask yourself something. How do you like sticking a knife in America’s back every time you go on air?

Wrong Ken – Medicare Is Here To Stay

Posted on the September 23rd, 2012 under Conservative Media Scum by

Yesterday on Up With Chris Hayes Ken Williams made this statement about Medicare “It’s a stupid program, it’s going away anyway, it’s totally financially unsustainable, anybody that can do math can tell you that. It’s a question of whether it goes away in 10 years, or 15 years, or 22 years. I mean there are a lots of different ways to let Medicare fail, but it’s going to fail. Medicare’s unfunded liabilities are more than the gdp of the planet.” Then Chris comments: “If you extend out what 100 years?” Medicare is going to fail is a Republican talking point, and it’s nonsense. Now here’s the deal. With a couple tweaks, like taking Medicare from capital gains, or tweaking the rates, or any number of other changes, a program similar to what the rest of the civilized world uses would last till the sun dies. Why do Republicans, and their mouthpieces for spewing talking points have to lie so much?

Jesus Joe – Give It Up

Posted on the September 21st, 2012 under Conservative Media Scum by

Joe, I am sick of you trashing the “47%” that pays no federal income tax. I have a friend that works for Boeing. He makes good money, but since they like to move him between Everett and Renton, he rents, instead of owning a home. He says he doesn’t want to spend 1 to 2 hours a day parked in traffic. He pays the full 35% in income tax. He pays the 4.2% and 1.45% withholding, and Boeing pays the government instead of him 6.2% and 1.45% witholding. So just in federal taxes he pays 48.30% of his income. Then comes gas tax, taxes on utilities, clothing, and just about everything else. Parking tickets, speeding tickets, lattes, Big Macs, and the list of “taxed” things goes on and on and on. A portion of his rent goes to property tax too if you want to count that. What part of his total income goes to taxes and fees? 60%, maybe more? Then you have people like Mitt that pays 13.9%, or probably less if he showed us his returns. Now to be fair Mitt probably pays property tax, and some other taxes, and then some of the taxes on his “help” if you know what I mean. So in total his tax rate is probably 20%, and my friend’s is probably 65%.

Joe, when it comes to “federal taxes” you should just shut the fuck up. If you are not demanding the Mitts of this world pay more, then you are working to weaken our nation. Even the majority of the 47% you want to trash pay more than Mitt in taxes and fees.

Morning Joe And Donny Douche – Dead Wrong

Posted on the September 21st, 2012 under Conservative Media Scum by

Watching Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch said he thought the 47% comment could be a windfall for Romney because America is an entitled country. Then Joe Scarborough feigned outrage because so many Americans didn’t pay income tax and contribute to schools etc. Man these two are out of touch. Donnie dipshit. Americans are entitled to opportunity, and the ability to get ahead. If Wall Street is stealing almost all of the money and sticking it in offshore accounts, or just paying dividends to the “haves” how is that going to trickle down to our families. If the average worker never gets a raise, just like the last 30 years how can they get ahead? You people are more out of touch than Romney. Working Americans pay a much larger share of their income in taxes and fees than the filthy rich, and then after paying to survive in a world where every single thing costs more year over year, there is nothing left. One paycheck away from homelessness. Then Joe blathers on about Ronald Reagan and how many people are on food stamps, and how much Obama has added to the national debt. He seemed to have forgotten to mention the Republicans have sabotaged every single thing the Democrats have tried to do to put these people back to work and raise taxes on the billionaires so our deficit would shrink. Having them pay an amount closer to the amount of taxes they paid when the budget was balanced. The fact that the rich pay less now, and make more now than they have at any time since the great depression doesn’t seem to matter to them. Today’s “conservatives” survive on lies and distortions. Joe, go back to Florida and go to work lobbying somewhere. Stop distorting, ignoring, and crying about bs.

PS. Then Joe goes on to mention how the surge in Afghanistan was a total calamity. Too bad Obama started that war and then sent all our resources to Iraq so there would never ever be security. I am sure the Afghanistan failure is 100% the fault of Democrats too right Joe. Joe, is there intelligent life on your planet? You should be thanking your lucky star someone with the fortitude of President Obama was interested in trying to help America recover from 8 years of Bush, and Republican control of both houses and the fascist 5 on the supreme court.

Later Joe claimed the media likes to paint the Republicans the party of the plutocrats, and it just wasn’t so. Joe, name one major piece of legislation the Republicans have pushed through in the last 20 years that would benefit the “have nots” more than the wealthy. I won’t hold my breath. Go back to spewing your lies. You are just another conservative, and conservative now simply means liar. Whether you are lying to your viewers, or to yourselves, conservatives are walking talking lying hypocrites.