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Cisco Systems Doubles CEO Pay And Lays Off Thousands

Posted on the October 1st, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Cisco Systems gave CEO John Chambers a 10 million dollar raise, after cutting 4,000 jobs to cut down on expenses. Ever wonder what exactly is wrong with our country? Is there a better example of the 1% reaping their reward, while throwing the rest of us under the bus. And we allow it…. John Chambers Rapes Workers Article

GOP Cuts Food Stamps

Posted on the September 20th, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Today’s Republicans will fight to the death to make sure billionaires, who have never paid lower taxes, will not get a tax increase. At the same time they will vote almost to a man (woman) to cut 40 billion from food stamps for people making next to nothing. What is wrong with these people? I mean really? Are Republicans just plain evil, or is it something worse?

Complain Complain Complain About President Obama

Posted on the September 8th, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

When it comes to the pending bombing of Syria, the Republicans are united. They are at this time doing the only thing that they can do. Complain about President Obama, and how he is handling the situation. It is clear that there are no good options available when it comes to taking action against the Assad dictatorship. Having our president let the American People, and congress have a say in what should be done to Republicans is unacceptable. They prefer a decider. That’s right. A decider, even though every single decision the last decider in the White House made turned out to be wrong. Every single decision Bush / Cheney made was bad for our nation, and non billionaires. Obviously Republicans prefer a president who leads by arrogance. In fact making stuff up, and openly and blatantly lying about imaginary threats to our nation is fine with Republicans. Ask your right wing nutcase friends this question. “If using gas is so bad, then how come Reagan, America’s greatest traitor gave it to Saddam and helped him use it?” From what I understand Reagan did everything except go the lab and help Saddam’s crew cook it up. Be sure you stand back though. When you ask Republicans tough questions they start drooling, and then lying.

Opposing, Sabotaging, And Trying To Repeal Or Defund Obamacare Is Murder

Posted on the September 6th, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Now let’s just tell it like it is. All of the Republicans, and Fake Christians that are attempting to keep uninsured Americans from getting affordable health care insurance are committing attempted murder. For a number of reasons Americans without health care insurance, or money to pay for doctors or medications, simply die when if they had treatment options they would not die. Now where is the Democrat that uses the murder word?

Mail Deliver On Saturday Over Thanks To Republicans

Posted on the February 6th, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Do you like getting mail delivered on Saturday? Too bad. It is over. The Republican plan to destroy the Post Office so the “private sector” which technically means billionaires that own most of the stock in most corporations can make more dough. Thanks to the Republican Postal Destruction Bill of 2006 the Post Office has to fund 75 years of retirement benefits for it’s workers in 10 years. Now that they can’t do it, they are cutting service. To us. Thank you very much Republican Bastards.

The Republicans Want To Re-Brand Their Party

Posted on the February 5th, 2013 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Buuuhahahahahah. It is all I can do to keep from laughing. For 30 years the GOP has been helping the wealthy, and the corporations they own rape our families, and transfer our assets to the top 1%. Now the outlook for our children is worse than it was for us. And they want to re-brand? No assholes. What you need to do is support policies that help my family, and promote opportunity for all, and not just the wealthy. Republicans serve Mammon and nothing else. Oh I forgot. They worship power too…. Your party doesn’t need re-branded. It needs tarred and feathered. Then you have these tea party folks. They are smart enough to know something is wrong but not smart enough to know who and what to blame. Hey tea partiers. The wealthy are raping your family too. When you rage against “big government” you forget it is the 1% that our government works for. When you cut government spending it is policies that help your family that gets cut, not payouts and tax breaks to the filthy rich. Think about it.

Fox And CNN Work For Mitt Romney – Obviously

Posted on the October 27th, 2012 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Isn’t it amazing how CNN, and Fox refuse to report on all the lives Romney, and his buddies have destroyed. All the factories the Bain Bastards closed and the work moved to China. Every bit of news is skewed as much as humanly possible to make Romney look as good as they can. If Obama is leading in some poll by 5 points, CNN will say it is a tie. Now here is the undeniable truth. Romney is human feces. He has made millions destroying the lives of hard working Americans. He shipped their jobs off to China, and raped their pensions, and their health care from them. Why? Because he is rich, and he is powerful, and heck because he can. All this with the help of laws that encourage this rapist behavior. And even after raping and pillaging companies, these maggots like Romney don’t even pay taxes on the money they took. It is amazing someone hasn’t made Romney or any of his filthy rich buddies pay for destroying AMERICAN lives. Leveraged buyout, hostile takeover, vulture capitalism, extractionism, etc. To call what the Romneys of this world do a sin is an insult to the word sin. Hey Mitt you lying piece of shit. Fuck you, and all your buddies that got rich destroying families. CNN Bias Article

Republicans Sabotaging Housing – Again

Posted on the October 26th, 2012 under Just Sickening Stuff by

This just in from Democratic Underground and Think Progress. We can’t have no housing help stimulating the economy with a black guy / Democrat in the White House now can we? Republican Bastards. Voting for any Republican is an act of economic treason.

Republican Arrested For Throwing Away Voter Registrations

Posted on the October 18th, 2012 under Just Sickening Stuff by

The Republicans are up to their old tricks. Hiring slimeball companies to sign up voters, and then throwing away the registration forms of Democrats. Make sure everyone involved is prosecuted. Pennsylvania Man Arrested On 12 Felonies

Romey Releases Tax Plan

Posted on the October 17th, 2012 under Just Sickening Stuff by

Click – HERE – to find out the details on Romney’s Tax Plan!