Benghazi – Republicans Killed Ambassador Stevens

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Republicans Killed Ambassador Stevens

Republicans Killed Ambassador Stevens

Since the Republican cost cutters would not pay for proper security for our ambassadors, Mr. Stevens was protected by local Libyans. Even though these locals fought, and died protecting our ambassador in the Benghazi attack, they could not save him. If Republicans funded security properly, and approved the money HILLARY CLINTON requested, Mr. Stevens would have had U.S. Marines protecting him. Republican budget cutters killed Mr. Stevens. End of story.

Christie Says “The Most Important Issue Is Did I Know Anything About The Plan To Close These Lanes”

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No Mr. Christie. That is not the most important thing. Even if you didn’t know “about” the plan, your staff made life horrible for thousands of Fort Lee residents on your behalf. Even if you said “destroy Fort Lee and that Democrat mayor who is getting too big for his britches but don’t tell me about it” your staff did it for you no matter how you look at it. I know you can see what is coming Christie. The best thing you could do is simply resign. There are a lot of people rightly pissed off at you for what happened. There won’t be a single day go by for months or years without another negative news story about this evil act. People will be screaming to hold the people responsible for it accountable, just like they are today. It is not about destroying you governor. It is about good government. You represent government as bad as it gets on many different levels. I don’t care if you told your staff “don’t tell me”, and it doesn’t matter one bit if you “knew” or not. They did it for you 100% and with your approval 100% one way or another. Your time is almost up.

Christie Using Sargent Schultz Defense

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I know nothing…. Sure buddy. Just remember governor, road rage kills. So the next time you are sitting in gridlock, ask yourself if it is political.

The Titanic Took Longer To Sink

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Read it in a post on Raw Story. The Titanic took longer to sink.

Which Part Of The Bible Will Duck Dude Be Drooling About Today?

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I just watched a piece on the Lawrence O’Donnell show about the parts of the bible that the “Jesus People” like Phil Robertson ignore, so they can babble on about the parts they like. From what I understand, the bible says adulterers, gays, and children who disrespect their elders are supposed to be put to death. C’mon Duckwad Dude. Bible says so! Why is it you have to cherry pick certain parts of the bible, and completely ignore the rest Duckwad? I will tell you why. It is because you are a hypocrite. Jesus said take care of the poor. That is the last thing you, and the average Republican server of Satan (or the Koch Brothers) worries about.

First Amendment – Free Speech – Absolutely

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If some television network has a “reality” show, then I can’t see where they should have a problem with any of the stars saying what they “really” think. Even is it is somewhat offensive. What takes me back is the fact that someone that pretends to be a christian has not a word to say about the poor. You know, the folks that Jesus spent all his time talking about and helping. Duck dude, if it were up to me you could say anything that popped into your head. Just don’t call yourself a christian. As far as the right wing outrage over your being taken off the show goes, imagine if the same people were just as outraged if people’s right to vote was being taken away. Or how about being outraged that 1 in 6 children go hungry in America. Like that’s gonna happen….

What Is With This Pope That Actually Thinks Catholics Should Care About Poor People

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What is going on here? We have a “Christian” that actually isn’t supporting “free trade” and “smaller government” or worse? A christian that thinks that folks who use their billions to pressure governments to help them more effectively rob the poor aren’t behaving properly? A pope that thinks someone who sits on billions upon billions and watches others starve to death can’t call themselves “pro-life” or any other bs term. I think the world has shifted on it’s axis. We have a “Christian” that recognizes the fact that there are some problems that should be addressed. Like starvation and hoarding. Read About The New Pope….

How Billionaires Save Billions On Taxes

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Our founding fathers spoke repeatedly about about the fact that they didn’t want a small group of American families to have all the wealth. This means the Estate Tax. In today’s world there are loopholes that allow billionaires to use trusts in bizarre ways to pass on their billions to their children without them paying the estate tax. These loopholes amount to over a hundred billion in tax savings for folks who have more than you or I could even imagine. Read More About Billionaire Loopholes At Bloomberg…

The War Has Started And The Catholics Are On The Correct Side It Appears

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The Koch Brothers donated a million dollars to the Catholic University of America, and some Catholics aren’t happy. We all know that the money the Kochs donate to colleges has strings (chains) attached. The Koch Brothers plan is to bribe colleges with their billions, and force these colleges to use the dirty money, earned by raping our planet, to hire right wing pro corporate, anti environmental “educators”. These “industrialist teachers” then brainwash students into believing helping corporations rape families and pollute our planet for sheer profit is just dandy. Some Catholics are actually smart enough to understand planetary rape and the plunder of the poor kinda goes against the teachings of that Jesus dude. These actual “Christians” are actually speaking out. Amazing if you think about it. Read Catholic Scholars Ask College To Return Dirty Koch Money…. The public affairs office of the college issues a strongly worded defense of taking the dirty money, even going so far as to state “The Koch Foundation grant to support “principled entre­pre­neur­ship . . . is fully consonant with Catholic social teaching”. The principled entrepreneurship the Kochs actually practice is more about using their wealth to intimidate any politician that may think about voting against their interests. There is nothing the Kochs wouldn’t do to make an extra billion raping and pillaging our citizens, and our planet with the bought off government staying out of their way.  To call the Kochs evil is an insult to the word evil. The Kochs are everything our founding fathers despised, and fought and died to trying to vanquish from our shores. Now I have a question for the Catholic College executives. Would you take money from Hitler if it was to promote “ethical war” or something like that? By the time human caused climate change has run it’s course, the Kochs and their plundering friends will have killed a lot more innocent people than Hitler ever did. Deal with it.

What Will The TeaBaggers Do When They Finally Figure Out They Work For The Koch Brothers?

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Who knows. The 99% is starting to become fed up, both here and abroad. The “capitalist” system that only rewards those at the top that have all the capitol is crumbling. It needs to be subsidized by the ever growing slave class at ever greater levels to keep the gilded ones happy. The plutocrats time is almost up. From the $15 an hour fast food protests, to the Walmart chaos, the slaves are beginning to revolt. The people that have done nothing but lose ground for the last 30 years after working their asses off are fed up. It is starting…. Soon even the TeaBaggers will realize they have been played for fools by the Kochs and their billionaire Wall Street friends, and these people are crazy.